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Color Specialist Vancouver WA

Certified Hair Color Specialist in Vancouver WA

Color Specialist Vancouver WAAre you looking for a change for your hair color? Perhaps you’re looking for a complete change, an upgrade from your current color with a different tone, or maybe a different color technique? Creating your unique look with your hair color can only be accomplished with thorough hair coloring from a certified hair color specialist. Urban Glow Salon has stylists that are expertly trained and certified hair color experts. They stay up to date with all of the current trends in hair coloring so they can provide you with stunning hair color and style while maintaining healthy hair!

Along with being specialists in hair coloring, Urban Glow also offers services like cuts, styling, and eyebrow waxing. Unsatisfied with the hair color you received from another stylist? No worries! We offer incredible color reversals and color correction services in Vancouver WA as well. Visit our beautiful salon in downtown Vancouver or book an appointment with one of our specialists online! Once our experts complete their consultation, they can get to work helping you pick out the perfect hair color. We listen to what you want and will do our best to give you the results you are seeking. Don’t wait to get the hair color you deserve, call us today!

Types of Hair Coloring We Perform

Hair Coloring Vancouver WAWith our stylists being fully trained color specialists, we can offer a multitude of hair coloring options for our clients. After the initial consultation, we plan the best strategy for achieving the color you desire. Some of the more popular services we offer are:

  • Semi-Permanent Color: Semi-Permanent hair color can help add a glossy look to your hair. This is also referred to as vivid hair color like magenta, amethyst, peacock green, cobalt blue. The color generally stays in your hair between four to ten washes or longer with the use of our color tinting conditioners.
  • Demi-Permanent Color: Demi-Permanent hair color is fairly similar to semi-permanent. The main difference between the two is that Demi-Permanent is mixed with a developer. That allows it to permeate into the hair shaft instead of just coating the outer layer of the hair. This leaves a rich dimensional color and beautiful shine that lasts for 12 weeks.
  • Permanent Color: Permanent hair coloring lasts for quite a while without any visible signs of fading. However, it will need to be reapplied at some point due to natural hair growth. Reaching your desired permanent hair color could take more than one sitting if you need lightening before.
  • Highlights: Urban Glow Salon can perform many different patterns and placements of highlights with different colors and tones. Highlights can promote depth, shade, and dimension. Our color specialists can perform dimensional highlights to give hair a more subtle look, as well as a more contrasted dramatic look.
  • Root Touch Up: Have you started noticing greys popping up in your hair? We can fix that! Urban Glow can perform a root touch up to help you maintain your natural hair color, this is for permanent hair color when needing grey coverage.
  • Lightening: For the clients that have darker hair colors, our hair coloring experts recommend a hair lightening to help lighten the hair to achieve a brighter color. It’s important to remember that lightening can be damaging to hair if used incorrectly. Luckily, our hair color specialists know the best techniques to take your hair from dark to light! As well as providing access to all of the products to maintain the health of your hair from your home!

Vancouver’s Hair Color Experts

Urban Glow Salon is Vancouver’s top choice for hair coloring services! As a premier full-service hair salon, we have an incredibly experienced staff with proven results. If you are looking to achieve a specific hair color or style, we have certified hair color specialists! Make the best choice for you and your hair. We offer a variety of hair services like styling, cuts, and colors. We make sure to stay on top of all current trends so we can provide our clients with only the best styles in the industry, as well as amazing coloring services for hair.