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Corrective Color Vancouver WA

Color Correction in Vancouver WA

Corrective Color Vancouver WAHave you recently changed your color in an attempt to obtain a new look, only to have it turn out for the worst? Did the color not come out the way you were hoping? There’s no need to stress! It may be time to look into corrective color services by Urban Glow Salon! We offer a wide variety of hair services ranging from cuts to styles and coloring. We also perform color reversal and color correction services for our clients. Visit our salon Vancouver WA or make an appointment with one of our color specialists today and get the corrections you deserve!

When Is Color Correction Needed

Color correction is a fairly common occurrence for people. Most of the time, it happens when clients attempt to attain a specific hair color, and they find that their hair has become too light, too dark, too warm, or too cool.

Sometimes these are caused by factors that are entirely out of a client’s control. Things like the sun, minerals in the water, and chlorine can cause discoloration. Corrective color services can neutralize the hair and start the process of achieving your desired color. Contact Urban Glow Salon today and talk to one of our color specialists about setting up a consultation! Let us bring you your desired hair color the right way with our corrective coloring services!

Corrective Coloring Process

Many clients ask how the process works and how long the overall correction process lasts. It varies from client to client. Several factors can affect how long the whole process takes:

  • Hair Porosity – how well the hair takes in and holds moisture
  • Hair Type – straight, wavy, curly, coily, thick, and thin are the main hair types. There are sub-hair types that are defined by coarseness, thickness, and other factors. These factors are referred to as the hair type in each strand
  • Hair Texture – the texture of your hair type gets determined whether it is fine, medium, or thick/coarse; this is based on the hair density.

Other factors that can affect the process are the condition of the hair and the color. For some hair types, it takes about three sittings. At Urban Glow Salon, we hold a comprehensive consultation with our clients to determine the seriousness of the correction and determine the number of sessions that it will require to reach the desired color change.

Your hair goes through an extensive conditioning treatment to bring it back to its healthiest possible condition. Our experienced staff will teach you the correct way to care for your corrected hair. We sell the highest quality products, including at-home hair treatments that are made specifically for your color corrected hair.

Finding the right strategy for your hair color correction is vital to reaching the right hair color for you. It is important to remember that color correction is a process, and it will take some time to complete. With our consultation, we can help ease you into your color change and set the expectation that your hair color won’t change after one visit.

Color Correcting in Vancouver

Color Correcting Vancouver WAUrban Glow Salon is Vancouver’s top choice for color correction services. As a premier full-service hair salon, we have an incredibly experienced staff with proven results. If you have had a bad experience with hair coloring and it didn’t turn out the way you had hoped, we can fix it for you! Make the best choice for you and your hair. We offer a variety of hair services like styling, cuts, and colors. We make sure to stay on top of all current trends so we can provide our clients with only the best styles in the industry, as well as amazing corrective services for hair.