Extensions Info:

All hair must be purchased with your stylist a minimum of 1 week before your physical appointment. Please contact your stylist via instagram or at 801-810-5101 (Babs).

Hand tied/Volume Weft Extensions install – Starting $600.00

Hand tied and Volume weft extensions are a fabulous way to add length and volume to your hair. They are sewn onto the scalp using nylon and hair beads. They must be maintained (moved up) every 6-10 weeks.

What’s the difference between Hand Tied and Machine/Volume Tied?

Hand Tied wefts are just that! These beautiful extensions are hand crafted, making the weft smaller and malleable. They can be used in layers without weighing down the bead in your natural hair.

A Machine/Volume weft is a more durable extension method. Generally it is 3 smaller wefts sewn into one single row, for density and volume. These wefts are heavier and thicker than a hand tied weft. Most individuals, are able to use less extension hair with this method and are able to achieve the glamorous locks they desire.

Keratin Bond Extensions – Starting at $750.00

KTips are a seamless way to add length and volume, while maintaining 360 mobility. Ponytails, high buns, you name it, Keratin Bonds (Ktips) can handle the pressure. These extensions are a one time use only extension method. Once installed they last 4 to 6 months with zero extension maintenance. Your normal color services can still be applied while wearing these extensions. After 6 months of wear they are discarded and a new method or new set of hair may be used.

Itip Extensions – Starting at $750.00

Itip Extensions are individually beaded onto the hair, creating 360 mobility. These extensions must be moved up every 6-8 weeks.

Clip-in Extensions

Clip-in Extensions are a delicious method for special events. However, these gorgeous extensions are not to be used as a daily method, as they can cause traction alopecia, and damage your natural hair. We will teach you how to install these extensions for those glamorous days you want a little extra vavavoom!