* I have a difficult time explaining the way I want my hair cut and always leave salons a bit disappointed. What can I do? *

We suggest bringing several pictures that best illustrate the style and look that you want. It may take several pictures to get the point across, but that’s okay. Making sure that we maintain clear communication will almost always result in a positive salon experience.

* What will color melting do for my hair? *

Color melting is a technique used to transition, or “melt”, one shade of color into another. For optimum color melting, your stylist will generally select three colors in the same color family which will overlap each other to create a perfectly blended look, making it difficult to tell where the colors begin or end going from dark to light or light to dark. Pricing varies from $140-220+ depending on the amount of colors desired and the amount of hair you have. The result is similar to balayage but with a added root color people will want the look of balayage but may need grey coverage too or the root color they desire is not the same as their natural coloring.

* Where are you located? *

We are located outside of The Academy building downtown Vancouver, we have our own private entrance off of the Northside of the building. Once parked in visitors parking you will see our rustic metal sign for Urban Glow Salon.

* What form of payment do you accept? *

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & cash

* Can I bring my child to my appointment? *

As much as we want you to relax & your appointment to be about you, we understand life happens and sometimes the kids may have to tag along. At Urban Glow we try to provide a cozy environment where everyone is comfortable we just ask to please bring things to keep them entertained.

* Do I need to tip? *

Gratuity is appreciated but not expected. It’s a great way to support and appreciate your stylist, especially if she has given you a look that you love and a professional salon experience.

* What if I’m running late? *

We all run late from time to time. If you are running just a few minutes behind, please give us a quick call to update us on your status. If you are running more than 15 minutes behind, please call us to reschedule your appointment. We care about the quality of our service, your hair, and the customers that have appointments after you–and we don’t want to rush anything

* Do you take walk-ins? *

Yes, we happily take walk-ins when there is a stylist available to help you. However, our busy little salon is often buzzing with activity and doesn’t have empty chairs. We encourage you to schedule beforehand, even if you try calling the day of your needed service

* Do you sell Gift Certificates? *

Yes, please let us know the type of service you are trying to purchase and type/length of hair and we will give you an estimate so that you can purchase the Gift Certificate that you need. Please call for more details, 3608365934

* Can I wash my hair after a color service? *

Yes, as long as it is a shampoo for color care. This will help to protect your investment for a longer period of time.

* How far in advance should I book my appointment? *

To ensure that your get the date and time that you need, we recommend booking your next appointment before you leave our salon. Schedule your appointment at least a week or two in advance if you are a first time client and have specific days and times that work best for you. For our guests who are more flexible, we may be able to arrange bi-weekly appointments generally we have one or two openings.